Hey! So you're probably wondering what is or who created Better Cravings and that's me, Derek Howes. Having been in this industry for over a decade I thought it was finally time to take things into my own hands and with that came up with Better Cravings, a way to crave better while leaving the guilt on the side.

My focus now for Better Cravings is to provide you all with the highest quality products and ingredients I can that are budget friendly, fresh, and actually taste good.

For now, every dollar we make will be put back into the company and/or community to help it grow so every purchase you make will be to help Better Cravings thrive into (hopefully) a bigger picture. Aside from creating new products we would ultimately like to accomplish the following goals:

  • Single storefront for bakery purchases
  • Distribution for bakery items
  • Worldwide distribution for everything

My overhead is extremely low and this company has ZERO debt or investors (another goal is to be transparent about EVERYTHING) so I think we're off to a good start. With that said, THANK YOU for reading this.

P.S. Don't forget to submit your Better Cravings recipe for a chance to win our weekly giveaway and be featured by tagging us @BetterCravings or by using the hashtag #BetterCravings!